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Ethan Itzkow...deserve[s] great praise for bringing a fierce energy that seems so natural in the world Williams has built here

-Colin McConnell, NYTheaternow.com on Titus Andronicus. Read the whole review here


Ethan Itzkow...[is] debauched, weak-minded, and terrifically creepy
-Leah Richards, Culturecatch.com on Titus Andronicus.Read the whole review here.

The highlight of the play surely is the performance of Ethan Itzkow as 17-year-old Luke.  Sweet, boyish and full of the curiosity and passion of youth, this is one young actor to keep an eye on
-Joe Stead, SteadstyleChicago.com on Right as Rain
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Ethan Itzkow gives a strong, deeply emotional and honest performance as Luke. He is a most empathetic character

-Tom Williams, ChicagoCritic.com on Right as Rain
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A vivid, honest performance by Ethan Itzkow...Itzkow is compelling as a shy kid wrestling with turbulent emotions

-Albert Williams, Chicago Reader on Right as Rain
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Ethan Itzkow as Chiron in New York Shakespeare Exchange's production of Titus Andronicus. Photo by Kalle Westerling

Ethan Itzkow (left) and Pavel Tabutov (right) in a press photo for Right As Rain

Filmmaker & Playwright

There may be an inclination to find humor in Jess's desperate effort to scrape enough roaches together to roll a joint, but there is an overriding impulse to empathize with her life's dilemma. It's this balance of emotion combined with raw realism that makes CASHED such a fine and compelling film
- Herbert Paine, BroadwayWorld.
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Ethan Itzkow's text is a good mix of comedy and pathos...These stories are both funny and utterly grotesque; there’s no filter from Itzkow of the gory details, and it is this blunt approach which ultimately made me care about the two protagonists of the piece
-Greg Solomon, Theatre Is Easy.
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James Harris Jr. (left) and Michael Bordwell (right) in one of the tenser moments of Theft.

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